We offer flexible licensing, collaboration and service agreements that are tailored to our
partner’s mission. Together, Distributed Bio works closely with their partnered scientists
to discover, engineer, develop and commercialize antibody candidates with remarkable
biophysical properties to be employed in the biologics market and save the lives of patients

SUPERHUMAN Licensing | Distributed Bio will transfer and license their proprietary SuperHuman 2.0 discovery platform to partners. Partners can screen any target of interest to generate thousands of fully human, developable monoclonal
antibodies. Partners receive library updates as part of their annual license (SuperHuman 3.0 to be released in Q1 2019). Sign up and benefit from the SuperHuman engineering advantage enjoyed by Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Kadmon, and others. 


SUPERHUMAN Services | Distributed Bio will work with partnering companies to rapidly discover swarms of unique antibodies against any target of interest. Distributed Bio will return a panel of 100-300 unique fully human antibodies in
scfv format, including picomolar binders, multi-species cross-reactive binders and thorough epitope coverage, in under 12 weeks. Distributed Bio can perform additional services including IgG conversion, cell screening, advanced kinetics testing and epitope binning on request. For a subset of popular targets, we have already performed the panning, and can offer accelerated discovery partnerships. Our list of pre-panned targets can be found here.

SUPERHUMAN Multi-Pass Transmembrane Target Services | Distributed Bio combines the immense diversity of the SuperHuman library along with high-throughput sequencing analysis of AbGenesis and cell-based panning to discover hits against the most challenging targets (GPCRs, Ion Channels, etc). Working with our partners, we perform cell-based panning, computationally guided hit identification, affinity maturation and IgG conversion in 20-24 weeks. Our friendly terms are backloaded to provide our partners a low risk-solution to generate superior antibodies against the most challenging targets.

TUMBLER Services | Distributed Bio works with partners to rapidly optimize their antibody leads with our proprietary Tumbler technology. Tumbler provides a method for rapidly generating 500+ million versions of an input antibody in order to affinity mature, thermostabilize, deimmunize, species-cross react, biochemical liability remove, humanize, pH sensitize, and otherwise engineer an input client antibody. Tumbler services take 12-20 weeks depending on the source antibody and downstream screening requirements, delivering a final optimized molecule ready for clinic in IgG or other requested format.

ABGENESIS License Agreement | Distributed Bio offers annual licenses of its world-leading antibody repertoire analysis, antibody engineering and functional screening software platform. The gold standard in advanced antibody
analysis platforms since 2012, AbGenesis is used by over 30 companies worldwide. The platform is fully generalized for analysis of multiple species as well as sequencing data from multiple platforms. Partners enjoy Distributed Bio primer sets and best practice protocols for generating their own advanced datasets. For SuperHuman licensees, AbGenesis has been adapted to work particularly smoothly with SuperHuman discovery campaigns. The platform brings everything from advanced antibody repertoire analysis of deep sequencing results to integration of functional data during screening to your fingertips.


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