David Shelton, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Matthew Frank, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board

Yasmina Abdiche, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board



Our mission is to define a new paradigm in revolutionary bioengineered medicines for the entire biotechnology industry. In monoclonal therapeutics, our integration of computational immunology, bioengineering and robotics has enabled us to create a pipeline of molecules with unprecedented biophysical properties, while also supporting all of our partners with thousands of high affinity developable antibodies against any drug target of interest. In vaccine science, our viral protein engineering is producing universal vaccines against any rapidly mutating virus.

We are always interested in meeting remarkable people with a talent for seeing how medicine could be better, and the chops to take us there. If this sounds like you, we would like to meet you. Distributed Bio is headquartered in South San Francisco, CA.

Distributed Bio is currently expanding our team! We are currently seeking an associate scientist for our kinetics team. We also have an active internship program for PhD students and Master's students from PSM programs.


APPLY TODAY Send resume & cover letter to info@distributedbio.com

(415) 489-0246

201 Gateway Blvd, Floor 1

 South San Francisco, CA 94080, USA