Distributed Bio, Inc. and Pandion Therapeutics, Inc. Announce Multi-Target Collaboration

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Distributed Bio, the global leader in computational optimization of fully human monoclonal antibody libraries, today announced a multi-target partnership with Pandion Therapeutics Inc. Distributed Bio will use its proprietary SuperHuman antibody library platform to discover therapeutic ready pre-optimized antibodies against multiple Pandion targets. Pandion will have the right to develop and commercialize therapeutic programs resulting from the collaboration. Pandion will also directly license multiple lead antibodies from Distributed Bio and may internalise the SuperHuman platform. "We’re delighted to be working with the most innovative company in antibody discovery," stated Anthony Coyle, Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO of Pandion. "After evaluating the many options available for novel antibody discovery, it was clear Distributed Bio and the SuperHuman platform provides Pandion with the fastest path to novel therapeutics. The lead antibodies have been pre-optimized by the SuperHuman library build process so we can save at least 6 months in engineering and optimization." "Pandion and Distributed Bio are in many ways the ideal partnership," said Jacob Glanville Ph.D., Co-founder & CSO, Distributed Bio, "Together we are showing what fresh, agile companies with innovative platforms can do to bring ground breaking therapeutics to patients quicker than ever before.” “Pandion’s revolutionary approach to localized immunomodulation coupled with Distributed Bio’s ability to deliver drug ready antibodies in a matter of weeks, could rapidly change the lives of patient populations suffering from autoimmune, inflammatory and transplant indications,” said Jo Viney, Ph.D., Co-founder and CSO of Pandion. Under the terms of the collaboration, Pandion will directly license a number of lead antibodies from Distributed Bio. In parallel Distributed Bio will screen it’s proprietary SuperHuman discovery platform to provide further drug ready leads to other Pandion targets. Pandion may also internalize the SuperHuman Discovery Platform at a later date. Antibodies licensed and generated during the collaboration as therapeutic leads will be available to Pandion to commercially develop. Distributed Bio will receive license fees and clinical milestones. Contacts Distributed Bio Inc. Giles Day, CEO +1-415-489-0246 giles@distributedbio.com https://distributedbio.com/ or Pandion Therapeutics Inc Anthony Coyle Ph.D., CEO +1-617-543-5606 anthony.coyle@pandiontx.com https://pandiontx.com/