Distributed Bio CSO Jacob Glanville to present at Antibody Engineering 2016

At December's IBC Antibody Engineering Conference in San Diego a very young looking Jake (check the picture on the IBC website) will be presenting twice. Jake's presentations are usually standing room only so make sure you mark your calendars.

On December 12th at 5:15pm Jake will be presenting in the "INSIGHTS FROM INTEGRATING IMMUNE REPERTOIRE DATA WITH OTHER, COMPLEX BIOLOGICAL DATA" stream. The title of his presentation is:

Reading the Receptor Repertoire: Computational Prediction of Specificity from Primary Sequence Enables Rapid Antigen Discovery in Humans

On December 13th at 1:45pm Jake will give a scientific briefing:

Leveraging New Synthesis Technologies to Combine Molecular Fitness of Natural Antibody Repertoires with Precision Goals of Antibody Engineering

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