Senior Scientist and Business Development Manager

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Sarah Ives is an immune engineer. She received a BSc degree in Molecular Biology from University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she contributed to published research in developmental biology in the Bashirullah lab in the School of Pharmacy. She then received a PSM degree from the University of San Francisco Biotechnology Masters Program, where she contributed to published research in virology while interning in the Delwart lab at the Blood Systems Research Institute.


After graduation she became an Associate Scientist and Project Manager at LakePharma, where she managed client projects, performed sales outreach, developed custom bioanalytics immuno-assays, and organized the Bay Area Antibody Engineering Symposium in her role of Master of Ceremonies.


In 2015 she joined Distributed Bio as employee #6 to lead the universal vaccine laboratory and vivarium operations in California and Guatemala as a Senior Scientist. In addition to the vaccine research, she supports monoclonal therapeutic discovery efforts with bioanalytics, bioassay development, and phage library development.


In her spare time, she performed research community organization, acting as Associate Producer for the NPR radio show “Biotech Nation” hosted by Dr. Moira Gunn at BIO International Convention, in 2015 and 2016.


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