The Mass Humanization technology, developed in partnership with AbCheck, is a radical new approach for multi-parameter engineering and optimization of monoclonal therapeutics. By analyzing the mutated repertoire of healthy rabbits and humans, we were able to pre-compute and pre-encode the complete humanization landscape in a "mass humanization" technology, in which we humanize the entire in-vivo immune response of a rabbit in a single experiment.

The technology enables us to powerfully humanize and optimize monoclonals with respect to their affinity, stability and off-target specificity in a single assay. Over 100 antibodies were humanized in our first experiment, and the AbAccel affinity maturation technology consistently produces 100-fold affinity improvement against one or more antigens in parallel along with stability improvements.

See the PEGS Mass Humanization Presentation
For use of Mass Humanization, contact AbAcheck.